Lulu Decor Baltic Amber Mosaic Wall Clock


Lulu Decor, 19″ Baltic Amber Mosaic Wall Clock is elegant, well made and will match most wall decor and furniture. This wall clock is perfect for housewarming gift and holiday gift.


It’s the little things that make decorating your home so much fun; with the wonderful selection of both whimsical and beautiful decors handcrafted by artisans around the world. Lulu decor home embellishment products are in alliteration with your taste for the elite and exceptional.


  • Decorative handmade beautiful Amber mosaic wall clock in Arabic dial.
  • Protected glass cover on the brown dial, dial measures 9.5″, clock diameter 19″.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty. High-quality quartz battery operated movement. Requires one AA battery (not included).