Hydroponics Growing System: OMOTE herb garden germination kit is equipped with a Pump Mode for water circulation, the full spectrum LED grow lights help plants grow faster; with the indoor plants grower, your plants will not be affected by weather all-year-round, no mess or limitation

  • Veggies & Fruits Modes to Fit Your Needs: The hydroponic garden system is set with smart modes with different spectrum and auto light on and off; you could choose the Veg Mode that contains red, white and blue lights to plant vegies; or you could use Fruit Mode that Contains more red light for flower and fruit growing
  • 36W x 80 LED Grow Lights: The OMOTE hydroponics growing system stimulates plants growing effectively; it contains full spectrum of red, white and blue lights that ensures high performance of photosynthesis and leads your herb garden to thriving
  • 12 Baskets and 7-21 inches Adjustable Height
  • Great gift Friends, Partners and Elders: You can use it to grow fresh herbs, veggies and fruits; it’s great to watch plants blooming and growing prosperously; this hydroponics growing system not only makes your life fun, but also makes your life healthier