• HYDROPONICS GROWING SYSTEM: Our smart planter gets rid of the limitation of soil cultivation and can grow plants in any environment; it saves time and effort and is easy to manage.
  • TIMING SETTING: Equipped with a timer, the default setting is 16 hours on/8 hours off; set the lighting time at will, basing on what plants you grow; 34 watts full-spectrum LED lamp promotes plants’ photosynthesis in any weather
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The height of adjustable lifting vertical lamp frame can reach 29.5 inches, changing the light height to help plants absorb energy from LED lights and promoting growth
  • REMOVABLE WATER TANKS: Come with 4pcs removable water tanks, each is equipped with 5 planting holes and a visual window convenient for observation
  • Full-Spectrum Lamps: The light simulates the power of the sun, making plants grow faster.

Includes: Plant Germination Starter Kits with Timed LED Grow Lamp, 4 Removable Water Tanks 29.5in Adjustable Height Smart Planter